Towards 2020: Leadership for a better future

“The Strategic Plan: Towards 2020 is ambitious, but achievable…We look forward to working together and with others to ensure that every workplace, every school, every health service, every family and every community is supported to play a role in mental health and suicide prevention.”

Jaelea Skehan, Director

Strategic Plan: Towards 2020 was developed in 2016 and then revised in 2017 to align with the Institute’s rebranding as Everymind.

This plan comes at a time of significant national reform and global change for the mental health and suicide prevention sectors. The Australian community is interested in and engaged with mental health more than ever before and the time is right to capitalise and set a vision for mental health in Australia that involves not only the health sector, but all sectors and communities.

At Everymind we believe all people have the right to and capacity for optimal mental health and wellbeing, and through prioritising prevention approaches, we can reduce the prevalence and impact of mental ill-health and suicide.

At its heart, investing in prevention and promotion approaches makes good sense in terms of increased productivity, reduced health and other costs, increased workforce and community participation and improved quality of life.

At Everymind we are changing lives through world-leading prevention programs and research. This Plan sets the direction of our work for the next three years drawing on our strengths in leadership, capacity building, innovation and research.

“By actively involving every sector and valuing every story, we can change lives and save lives.”

Jaelea Skehan, Director
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